Jessica Lynn Taylor

Equitable Leadership Strategist

Jessica Taylor is an executive coach, author, and entrepreneur. She empowers leaders to transform their organizations, their leadership, and their legacy through empathy, pragmatism, and humor. She specializes in supporting leaders who want to create equitable environments where everyone can courageously be themselves without bias, discrimination, or barriers determining their success. As a biracial woman of color, she leads others through a world that often operates in black or white, to help them live and lead in the tension of gray.


“I envision a world where leadership is marked by humility, empathy, and justice rather than power, dominance, and money.”

Jessica Taylor Ph.D


Jessica speaking

Leadership Training Initiative

We develop and empower inclusive, emotionally intelligent leaders who can navigate even the most complex issues with confidence. If you are looking to deepen your self-awareness through nuanced, trauma-informed solutions, high-quality resources, and training for sustainable, equitable change, we can help.

Elevated Property Group

At Elevated Property Group (EPG), we work with experts in the field to empower, educate, and support you through your foreclosure or other non-traditional home selling processes. When you work with EPG, we will help you to fully understand your options, feel confident selling your home, and protect yourself from people pushing anything less than a win/win situation.

Empathy Equity: Principles for Equitable Leadership

A practical how-to guide to leading with empathy towards the equitable outcomes executive and emerging leaders want to achieve. Divided into easy-to-follow sections and case studies, this ebook walks you through how to Be, Think, Speak, Act, and Give like an equitable and inclusive leader.

Featured Speaking Engagement

Ignite Institute: Change Happens Now podcast, 2022

Guest Interview: “Awakening the Agency Within You”

“Jessica is a talented coach who will listen to the needs of your organization and then craft a plan to address those needs.”

Jeff Randell Platte, Executive Director, Tacoma, Washington

“Jessica is a dynamic and effective leader, communicator, and motivator, with a huge heart for continued mobilization of increased recognition and opportunity for women of color in the corporate sphere. She is selfless with her many gifts and uses her voice and expertise to bring fresh vision, perspective, and growth to all people and spaces that encounter her.”

Amari Davis, Community Coordinator, Grand Island, Nebraska