I specialize in supporting executive leaders, partnering with them to find the best solutions for their unique context, and empowering them to implement and achieve their goals. I create a safe environment where I do not shy away from difficult topics that will get you to the next level.

My Approach

Empowering: I aim to empower you to maximize your potential and equip you to embrace leadership and become an agent of change in your organizations.

Holistic: You are a whole person with more in your life than just climbing the ladder, so we will look at your career holistically and sustainably within the scope of your life.

Aligned: I walk with you to find solutions that are in alignment with who you are and your goals. I don’t want to make you just like me. I want to empower you to be more aligned with yourself.

Curious: I position myself as a curious learner instead of as a know-it-all expert. I work by listening, teaching, and asking questions that get to the heart of the issues we all face.

Inclusive: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are high values to me. Whether you are a woman or BIPOC wanting to learn how to navigate systems that were not built for you, or you are a leader wanting to grow in your DEI leadership skills and awareness, I can help you.

Let’s see if we’re a good match!

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“Working with Jessica is like a breath of fresh air! Witnessing someone who is clearly operating in their gifting and skill-set encourages my own personal growth and confidence.”

Natalie Correll, Pastor of Communities, Bridgetown Church

“Jessica’s approach broadened my perspective on the ways others think and helped me to understand others’ complexities. It helped me to navigate my own life.”

Elena Windsor, Activist