Empathy Equity: Principles of Equitable Leadership (Digital Edition)


Empathy Equity affirms the critical importance of working for equity in our organizations, and makes that work accessible to all leaders.



Equitable organizations understand, celebrate, and leverage the diverse strengths of their teams–both to promote individual growth and organizational innovation. As they strive for these goals, this practical guide gives leaders permission to let go of the illusion that they have to become experts in the field of equity, diversity, and inclusion, and encourages them instead to invest effort in understanding the unique needs of every team member. By engaging in intentional empathy, especially for people and groups who face oppression and discrimination, leaders will be better able to identify and enact equitable changes and to embed equity in their workplaces.

Empathy Equity provides five categories of simple relational principles, illustrated with brief case studies, that leaders can put into practice immediately. Every principle can be practiced on its own, and others added gradually as you become more competent with each one. Incorporating all of the principles into your leadership toolkit will help you create a team, culture, and organization, where everyone has equal and ample opportunity to thrive.

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